When there is a crisis we turn to our friends. When we need advice we look for someone we trust. Friends know us. They know what we want in life: our goals and ambitions. They will give us support and advice that is in our best interest. No one would ask for the advice of a stranger in times of trouble because the stranger doesn’t care about our wellbeing. Whenever people need advice we look for someone we trust, someone we can confide in, and someone who can help.

Now if you have a financial dilemma, your best friend may not be able to help. Although they care about you, they probably don’t know how to solve the issue any better than you do. In this case, you have to look for professional help. A professional will have knowledge of the various solutions, but they are a stranger. The professional doesn’t know you or your goals, your situation, or what is most important to you. You need a financial planner that knows not only how to manage money and succeed in the financial world, but someone who will keep your personal values in mind and give advice based on knowledge of you.

At Financial Strategies, Inc. we believe that forming personal relationships is one of the key aspects to being a good advisor. We take the time to get to know our clients beyond their checkbook. We learn about our clients’ goals and values and take those into account as we form a plan for them and give advice. There is no one-size-fits-all financial plan. Our advice is given not only based on knowledge and experience, but also based on the personal desires of each client. Getting to know our clients is a great joy. Encouraging clients to give their input helps us create a better plan leading them to a personally fulfilling financial future. Our clients know that they can trust us to respect their wishes and goals, and be with them on their journey to reach them.

The Certified Financial Planner Professionals at Financial Strategies, Inc. know more than how to plan for retirement, or how to manage investments, we know our clients. Without clients, we would be out of a job. Our clients make our company. We owe it to them to learn about them and grow with them. As personal wealth advisors, it is our duty to get to know our clients personally and form a plan specific to each one. Our goal is to help our clients succeed. We will be an advisor, a professional, and a friend.

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