Since the late 19th century, the US has been celebrating Labor Day on the first Monday of September. It is a day to celebrate our own hard work, along with the work of the people around us and take that well deserved break. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average full-time working American works 8-9 hours a day on weekdays and another 5-6 hours a day on weekends. Business insider tells us that the average American works 90,000 hours in his/her life. That’s a lot of work.

Today we take the day off to celebrate our hard work. Although, 25% of people said that they still check in at work on vacation days (Business Insider). Our jobs become so much of who we are and what we do that it is hard to stop working.

We work hard for most of our lives, waiting for the real vacation where we don’t have to worry about work at all. Retirement. Retirement is the ultimate Labor Day. You get to celebrate your hard work and reap the benefits. Unfortunately, retirement is something for which you must work and plan. According to Time Magazine, one third of Americans have little to nothing saved for retirement. We work hard to earn our retirement. We can’t forget, part of that work is saving for it.

It is never too late to start saving. It is also never too early. Any time that you can save money, no matter how much or how little it is, will help you in your future retirement. In order to have a successful retirement you need to have a plan. That is why we are here. We help people plan their best future and help them fulfill it. Our multi-step process allows clients to feel comfortable and prepared in their plan for retirement.

After enjoying Labor Day, plan for more days in your future when you can relax, knowing that you already did the hard work. Retirement is a break we deserve and a break we must earn. While you are working hard, let us help you work on a retirement plan, so you can celebrate your hard work and enjoy your success.

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