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If you are interested in becoming a client, contact us! We offer a free consultation to see if we are a good fit and get to know you. There is no commitment until you feel ready to sign a contract.

Becoming a Client

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An ongoing partnership for your complex financial needs

To help you realize the greatest benefits of working with a financial advisor, we invest a significant amount of time getting to know you. 

We believe it is imperative that we examine the medley of financial needs comprising each client’s personal and business situations. Your financial history, investment preferences, dreams, and priorities must be thoroughly understood as we work to become your steadfast financial partner. 

We begin each client relationship with three financial exploration meetings. We do not charge a fee for these sessions because we believe you should be absolutely comfortable working with a financial advisor before money changes hands. Our financial exploration meetings include:

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Discovery Meeting

Proposal Meeting

Mutual Commitment Meeting


Comprehensive Financial Plan Implementation

During this meeting, we will identify the challenges you face in achieving all that is important to you. We examine your current situation and discuss your goals. By getting to know each other, we will decide together if Financial Strategies, Inc. is the right firm to add significant value to you. 

In this meeting, we review your specific comprehensive financial plan proposal. This document will include an evaluation of your current situation and our recommendations for how we can bridge the gaps in your current strategy to help you reach your goals. This plan forms the foundation for all our work together. 

After providing you with time for reflection on our investment ideas and approach, we will gather together so you can ask questions and provide input. At this time, we will decide together whether we both feel that this will be a mutually beneficial long-term relationship. If it will, we will review and implement contracts.



Over 3 – 5 separate meetings, we will discuss various aspects of your plan and prioritize areas of greatest importance to you. These advanced financial planning meetings will likely include:​​​ Retirement Planning, Estate Planning, Life Insurance Planning, Other Insurance Planning, College Costs Planning, Investment Management.

Notice that the final step is investment management. Most advisors start with investment management and work backwards or just stop once investment management decisions are made. We know from decades of experience that the best way to accomplish what is most important to you is to set the plan, then determine the optimal investment strategies. 

Once the foundation of your plan has been established, we will meet regularly (at least annually) to review your progress, discuss changes to your life or your goals, and proactively work together to proceed, step by step, towards a secure future. 

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